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openEHR Terminology (TERM) Component - 2.1.0


Specification Description Notes
STABLE Support Terminology Documentary form of the openEHR terminology, which is a set of vocabularies and code sets used by RM, AM and SM. Terminology wiki page
Terminology translations
STABLE openEHR Terminology The openEHR Terminology XML file (in english language).
STABLE External terminologies The file containing external terminologies (e.g. Countries ISO 3166, Languages ISO 639-1, Media types IANA, etc) used by RM, AM and SM.


Release Date Description
Release 2.2.0 cooking Release notes
Release 2.1.0 08-Nov-2017 Release notes

Computable Expressions

Resource Description
Terminology-XML External and openEHR Terminology XML source files.
openEHR_UML-TERM.mdzip UML file for openEHR TERM classes, as MagicDraw 19. Contains UML 2.5 standard XMI file.