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15 Relationship to Standards

The openEHR specifications make use of available standards where relevant, and as far as possible in a compatible way. However, for the many standards have never been validated in their published form (i.e. the form published is not tested in implementations, and may contain errors), openEHR makes adjustments so as to ensure quality and coherence of the openEHR models. In general, "using" a standard in openEHR may mean defining a set of classes which map it into the openEHR type system, or wrap it or express it in some other compatible way, allowing developers to build completely coherent openEHR systems, while retaining compliance or compatibility with standards. The standards relevant to openEHR fall into a number of categories as follows.

Standards by which openEHR can be evaluated

These standards define high-level requirements or compliance criteria which can be used to provide a means of normative comparison of openEHR with other related specifications or systems:

Standards which have influenced the design of openEHR specifications

The following standards have influenced the design of the openEHR specifications:

Standards which have influenced the design of openEHR archetypes

The following standards are mainly domain-level models of clinical practice or concepts, and are being used to design openEHR archetypes and templates.

Standards which are used "inside" openEHR

The following standards are used or referenced at a fine-grained level in openEHR:

Standards which require a conversion gateway

The following standards are in use and require data conversion for use with openEHR:

Generic Technology Standards

The following standards are used or referenced in openEHR:

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