openEHR Specifications Release 1.0.2
Release Notes


Release 1.0.2 of the openEHR specifications includes 15 executed Change Requests (CRs) from a total of 19 proposed (see History), and 3 resolved Problem Reports (PRs). The CRs have the following breakdown:
The CRs causing changes to the formal specifications are summarised as follows:

SPEC-251 Allow both pattern and interval constraint on Duration in Archetypes
Affects: ADL, AOM specifications
ADL now supports a constraint on durations allowing both ranges and unit types (weeks, days etc) to be expressed together, e.g.: some_duration matches {PWD/|P0W..P50W|}
This is typically used for pregnancy duration constraints.
SPEC-256 Correct extension_validity in UID_BASED_ID class
Affects: Support IM specification
The text for the has_extension function is changed to indicate that the Result is True if extension is not empty (rather than not Void).
SPEC-260 Correct the regex published for the ARCHETYPE_ID type
Affects: Support IM specification
The proposed solution is as below, and has the following features:
- the characters #, ( and ) are not allowed
- no part (i.e. any section between '-' or '.' delimiters) can be only 1 character long
- no name part can start with a digit
- allows upper case in the alphabetic parts of the id
- limiting the version part of the id to numbers (i.e. no letters)
- not allowing a leading '0' in the version identifier
SPEC-261 Indicate how accuracy is treated over add/subtract operations in DV_QUANTIFIED types
Affects: Data Types IM specification
1. in the class DV_AMOUNT, accuracy_unknown: Boolean is added as a function, and a constant called Unknown_accuracy_value of type Integer, with value = -1 is added. The documentation is changed to indicate that a value of -1, i.e. accuracy = Unknown_accuracy means no accuracy recorded, and the accuracy_unknown function returns True.
2. The class DV_ABSOLUTE_QUANTITY also has accuracy, but defined as a reference value. The accuracy_unknown function is also implemented in this class, but returns True if accuracy = Void (i.e. null).
SPEC-268 Correct missing parentheses in dADL type identifiers
Affects: ADL specification
The dADL grammar is corrected to allow parentheses around type names, as in the following example from the ADL specification:
destinations = <
    ["seville"] = (TOURIST_DESTINATION) <
SPEC-271 Correct minor inconsistencies in ITEM_TABLE specification and example
Affects: Data Structures IM
The ITEM_TABLE.ith_row() function is updated to the following:
ith_row (i:Integer): CLUSTER
  i >= 1 and i <= row_count
SPEC-283 Correct spelling of ELEMENT.null_flavor attribute to null_flavour
Affects: Data Structures IM
The null_flavor attribute in the reference model class ELEMENT is renamed to null_flavour to match the published XML-schema.

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Many people helped bring this release to fruition, including implementers and reviewers. Thanks to everyone in the community who contributed feedback, asked questions, and found errors. If you caused a CR to be raised, you are recognised in the revision history of all affected specifications! Thanks to the Architecture Review Board members for processing the Change Requests (even 15 CRs took a lot of discussion):
Thanks to Chunlan Ma, MD of Ocean Informatics, for producing the XML-schemas and regenerating the documentation.
Thanks as ever to Anthony Peacock, system adminstrator at CHIME, UCL for his support of the openEHR server, website, Jira, mailing lists and other infrastructure during the year.
Finally thanks to Professor David Ingram, head of CHIME and founding chair of the openEHR Foundation for continued moral and financial support.
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